LBF-150 with protection frame is a newly upgraded cable controlled underwater observation device which has added protection frame (compressed polypropylene) to strengthen its impact-resistant ability


LBF300A is a cable-controlled underwater detective equipment exclusively used in ocean current resistance. compressed polypropylene protection framework is added to reinforce the impact-resistance. Four high power brushless thrusters with 6.5kgf full thru


LBF-300 is a cable-controlled underwater detecting equipment with advantages of compact size, convenient carry and easy operation and 300 depth diving.

Handheld Underwater Camera

Handheld underwater camera is an underwater observation instrument which is compact in size, easy to operate, and convenient to carry

Towed Underwater Camera

Towed underwater camera consists of three parts: underwater camera, control unit and umbilical cable. The whole system is placed in one water-proof transit case

Stationary Type Digital HD Underwater Camera

Stationary Type Digital HD Underwater Camera is mainly used to underwater video monitoring at a fixed point such as aquaculture fixed-point monitoring, deep sea cage aquaculture fixed-point monitoring video, transportation of live fish box internal monito

Mini Sea Snail Underwater Camera

IOT Based Remote Monitoring And Control System

Smart terminals like ROV and online water quality detector in the culture areas gather information such as water quality parameters and video, and upload them to the data center in land central control room

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