IOT Based Remote Monitoring And Control System

Customer Service

The comprehensive remote monitoring and control of the culture water area can be achieved

The automation of the whole process of the culture can be achieved

Alert in time when unexpected situations occurred

Reduce the labor resource greatly and improve the working efficiency

reduce labor cost effectively, so as to promote working efficiently

Largely reduce the feeding cost

System Configuration

System terminals in culture areas (ROV, underwater pan and tilt camera, fixed underwater camera, online water monitor, oxygen-increasing pump, feeding device, solar power system, control panel and wireless transmitting/ receiving device)

Land central control data center (control panel and wireless transmitting/ receiving device, server and monitor)

Smart mobile control terminal (computer and cell phone, etc. with Internet connection)

Product Introduction

System Function

Smart terminals like ROV and online water quality detector in the culture areas gather information such as water quality parameters and video, and upload them to the data center in land central control room. The data center then sends the information via the Internet to customer’s smart terminals like smart phones and computers. Customers can watch the video and check the water quality parameters via the terminals, and send out requires of adding oxygen or feeding to the land central control room. Then the central control room sends out commands to the equipment that are placed in the culture area to realize remote smart control.

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