Towed Underwater Camera

50m depth rating;

Compact size and convenient to carry;

High resolution underwater video recording;

Simple operation interface, and easy to operate;

Horizontal 360°and vertical 90°pan-and-tilt range;

Horizontally and vertically using possible;

Focusing and Zoom;

2 LED lights, can be used in dark environment;

Build-in high performance battery, the standby time is more than 10 hours;

Stable in performance, no need of frequent maintenance

Product Introduction

Towed underwater camera consists of three parts: underwater camera, control unit and umbilical cable. The whole system is placed in one water-proof transit case.

Towed underwater camera uses integrated Samsung HD assembly with focusing, zoom and high speed pan/tilt functions. This product is compact in size, and convenient to operate. The rated depth is 300 meters. This product can be widely applied to several fields, such as marine survey, underwater constructions, cage culture and rescue-and-recovery, etc.

Application Cases

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